Today I'm wearing…

This look came out in a desperate moment, with me running very late for our lunch. The day was warm and I ended up underestimating the weather because of the rush. The result? Me, struggling with leather top on. Thankfully, I was saved by the air conditioning system!

I know this trouser will not please everyone (especially men), but I feel really confident on it and really love the bright blue with black, it makes a big impact in my opinion, specially paired with my favourite top at the moment.

I was wearing H&M leather top (shown here), Moschino trousers, Christian Louboutin pumps, YSL ring and polish Coromandel by Chanel.

Moving to another subject, I usually like to share some great tips and insert links of the places I’ve been and liked, but at this time I will have to actually write some words about this place we went on last saturday.

The lunch was at the Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and what I have to say may not come as a surprise, because it’s Heston. Plus, who am I to write about food right?

No, seriously people, this is another level! Starting by the hotel reception, or should I say the lack of reception? The place is covered in green marble. Yes, green beautiful marble.

The moment you walk in the restaurant you are stunned by the amazing Hyde Park views and the open kitchen plan with an organised chaos and some cool pineapples spit roasting. It’s mesmerising.

I had a delicious steak, but what impressed me most was the chips that came with the meat. I have never eaten chips like that … Triple cooked. You know you want it!

Another delight was the dessert, a cake, accompanied by the juicy sweet pineapple, which was roasted for hours! And the cake? Hype aside, the best cake I ever tasted (sorry mum …)

Well, needless to say I was very impressed.

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