Inez & Vinoodh

It all started with a video, I was browsing the French Vogue website (my favorite Vogue by the way) when I came across this video and fell in love with it. I identified very strongly with all elements of the video – the colours, the music, the scenery, the model …

The video really made me dream, you know? I felt transported into a parallel life, exactly how I felt when I was 7 years old playing and daydreaming.

Well, at the time of my discovery I did some research on the authors and ended up finding beautiful pieces, and although I had already seen many of their projects without knowing it, there was much more material available to enjoy. Since then, I decided that the day I finally launch my fashion blog (… ‘only’ four years considering the idea!), the video would mark the beginning of everything (click here to watch), because that would be the best way to show how and why my heart beats so strongly for design, photography and beauty.

To cut a long story short, the creators of this beautiful piece are Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. The history of both as individuals, as a couple and then of course, as working partners is very interesting, but with so many precious details that I wouldn’t like to miss anything just to fit in the blog. So, I decided to show you some of my favorites and some links to their historytheir websitetheir blog, their book and some links to and Vogue Paris. Enjoy!

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